Fairies, Fauns and Fantasy

4.00pm (BST), Sun 13th September 2020

Steeped in magic and musical sorcery, Debussy’s gorgeous The Afternoon of the Faun and Ravel’s enchanted Mother Goose Suite will be complemented by the reverie of Ravel’s Introduction and Allegro.


  1. Debussy - The Afternoon of the Faun, Farrington [12"]
  2. Ravel - Introduction and Allegro  [11"]
  3. Ravel - Mother Goose Suite, Farrington [17"]

Harp: Sally Pryce

Based on a poem of the same name by Mallarmé, Debussy’s The Afternoon of the Faun dreamily depicts the waking of a faun from his afternoon nap and his recollection of encounters with nymphs, beginning with a languid solo flute, and melting into a gorgeous, timeless pastoral idyll.

Ravel brings us to another fantastical world in his Mother Goose Suite, with familiar characters such as Tom Thumb, Beauty and the Beast, and the Sleeping Beauty, depicted so exquisitely by his alchemical orchestration, faithfully arranged by Iain Farrington, and brought to a breathtakingly beautiful finale in the Fairy Garden.

Presented between these two works is Ravel’s daydream-like Introduction and Allegro, written in 1904 to show off the expressive range of the newly-invented double-action pedal harp.